Your Horse is Taking You on a Journey–Embrace It!



If you would like to learn the secrets to success with horses, you’re in the right place.  I’ve been involved with teaching humans and horses for most of my life and it is my durable passion.  After all this time, I realize how much there is to learn about these amazing and gorgeous creatures.  I can’t learn it all in a lifetime, but I aim to try.


As you can see from the pictures, I enjoy all riding disciplines.  I also love playing with horses on the ground, and often that’s where I learn the most about how a horse is feeling and thinking.  What I’m interested in doing is helping to create a partnership between you and your horse.  Doing this has nothing to do with any specific equestrian discipline and everything to do with knowing the hows and whys of horse behavior.  This is true horsemanship.  Without seeking that insight, no discipline will be as good as it could be.  Your horse may tolerate you without doing much more.  Join me if you’d like to be an artist rather than a technician with horses.



I promise to keep you safe, make you laugh, and help you see the world your horse lives in. Please have a look at my site and reach out to me:


phone:  720-227-7055