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Peggy Gurnett Horsemanship

I have devoted my life to teaching and horses. I demystify, and de-mythify, how to achieve extraordinary results with your horses. The rules for various equine sports, disciplines, and pursuits can be overwhelming with information about what patterns to ride, what bits to use, what clothes to wear, and how the horse should look.

What does this have to do with understanding horses? Nothing. Understanding horses is about building a relationship with your horse that can lead to a partnership that transcends and extends to all disciplines.

The horse doesn’t care what clothes you wear, or what maneuvers you are asking for. All the horse cares about it how you cause him to feel when you’re with him. Beautiful basics lead to exuberant refinement in all ages, breeds, and pursuits with horses.

I have been featured with my horses on ESPN, and have performed at venues from the Olympic Equestrian Center in Los Angeles to the Gallatin Valley Fair in Montana. Beyond horsemanship, I have taught groups including the US Ski Team, the United Nations, the New York Stock exchange, and physicians working with Merck pharmaceutical.

My mission is to help you be good enough with horses that they become your best teachers, and that you become their best leader.

  • Spent last weekend at a Linda Parelli event. She was happy to learn that I had such a competent smart teacher like Peggy Gurnett and sends her warmest wishes for your continued success.

    Marty Smith West Bountiful, Utah 2017
  • Wonderful woman, talented, the very best, with integrity.

    Melody Laakso Hamilton, MT 2017
  • Peggy has opened up a whole new world of horsemanship techniques that positively impact both the relationship with my horse and my riding skills. I continually say, “I couldn’t have done it without you!

    Jane Larson Boulder, CO, 2017
  • Peggy has great passion and energy for her work!

    Joanne Woodall Heinz Issaquah, WA, 2017
  • If anyone is looking for a great (fun, wise, intuitive) horse trainer, Peggy Gurnett is it!!

    Rhea Dodd, DVM Boulder, CO 2016
  • In the years since you left Montana, I haven’t found anyone who can teach horsemanship like you do. You have such a gift!

    Syd Grosfield Bozeman, MT, 2013
  • Both my husband and I had been injured by our homegrown Appaloosa mare. She would charge at us with her teeth bared!  In two hours, Peggy helped my 15-year-old daughter safely work with my horse in our round pen.  Her methods were clear and easy to follow.  Bravo Peggy!

    Helen Marston, Larkspur, CO
  • Peggy is a fountain of knowledge, very talented, honest, and encouraging.

    Silvia Giron Viesca, Boulder CO


I believe there are handful of foundational basics and pillars that will be invaluable to your relationship with your horse. I find that without these concepts in place my students struggle. In this section I outline my philosophy of rewarding horsemanship by answering these questions.

  • Put the horse first.  Understand the horse’s point of view.
  • Be rigorously honest with yourself—pick the right horse and the right path for yourself.
  • Be a leader for your horse, and when in doubt, retreat and show love to your horse.
  • Be true to your feelings, but don’t be controlled by them.


Together we can replace fear and anxiety with knowledge and confidence.


One thing that I am definitely NOT is a “one-size-fits-all” horsemanship coach and trainer.  Whether your equine aspirations are performance or pleasure oriented, you and your horse are a completely unique pair, and so is the path you’ll take.  I can help you sculpt your plan in any way you choose.

Beautiful basics lead to exuberant
refinement with horses

Join Peggy and learn the secrets to success with horses.

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