day’s end


I like to think that, in this blog, I will write things that are thoughtful, provocative, and wise.  That said, I’m not interested in appearing over-polished or bulletproof.  What interests me about other people includes their faults, warts, and baggage, and so these writings will include such stuff.

My Thoroughbred mare struggles with things she perceives as threatening (today, it’s the stock saddle she’s learning to carry).  I am weaving a web of trust with her, and this afternoon I watched her trying to work out whether to allow her fear of the saddle to take over, or to trust in my presence and reassurance, and accept that I won’t expose her to something that will hurt her.  The bond between us slowly strengthens with each experience that ends in calmness and learning for Skigh.  I have to remember not to rush these steps, and to keep clear my desire that our relationship will provide confidence and freedom for her.

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