It’s not about looking good.


Here’s a photo taken by the fine photographer Stephen Weaver during a branding last summer on the Chico Basin Ranch near Colorado Springs.  I’m riding a young horse named Rosie, who was passed onto me by ranch manager and fine horseman Michael Moon (now head wrangler at the Home Ranch in Clark, Colorado).

As you can see, Rosie had an injury somewhere in her past that is evident on her white blaze.  At first, I noticed this a bit, and thought about it, and felt sad that this girl had been scarred.  However, once we had spent a little time together, I didn’t “see” the scar very often, and I grew to enjoy riding her a great deal and having her company as the months went on.

There are two things about horses that are true in my experience:

  1.  Beauty is as beauty does.
  2. If you buy a horse, get one that you like looking at day after day.

I really haven’t met a horse I didn’t like over the last 19 years.  But I’ve met some that I sure enjoy looking at and never get tired of watching them no matter what they’re doing.


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