“don’t touch me there!”


I played with Skigh at liberty today in the 60′ round pen.  Every iota of trust is gained slowly–and I’ve found that if I offer it right, that trust stays and builds between us.  She’s made a big leap in her confidence.  Even with all that, there are still some spots on her body that she’s very reactive about.  When I touch, as lightly as I can, her chest, and a few spots on her upper face near her ears, she offers to bite or flinch, or move off.  We didn’t get it all “fixed”, but taking the time just to be together and try things was well worth the time.

One thought on ““don’t touch me there!”

  1. This is so perfectly logical to me. Intuitively obvious in my eyes. Isn’t that much the same respect given to the family dog when training her?

    Animals will often do what you tell them to do. But there’s no love nor trust there. Build the relationship between the two of you and each finds a companion for life.

    Therefore, you’re totally spot on in my mind.

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