About Peggy


Peggy Gurnett demystifies, and de-mythifies, how to achieve extraordinary results with horses. The rules for various equine sports, disciplines, and pursuits can be overwhelming with information about what patterns to ride, what bits to use, what clothes to wear, and how the horse should look.

What does this have to do with understanding horses? Nothing. Understanding horses is about building a relationship with your horse that can lead to a partnership that transcends and extends to all disciplines.

The horse doesn’t care what clothes you wear, or what maneuvers you are asking for. All the horse cares about it how you cause him to feel when you’re with him. Beautiful basics lead to exuberant refinement in all ages, breeds, and pursuits with horses.

Without this feel, the horsemanship isn’t real. Join Peggy and learn the secrets to success with horses.

Peggy Gurnett has devoted her life to teaching and horses. She has been featured with her horses on ESPN, and has performed at venues from the Olympic equestrian center in Los Angeles to the Gallatin Valley Fair in Montana. Beyond horsemanship, her teaching abilities have taken her to groups including the US Ski Team, the United Nations, the New York Stock exchange, and physicians working with Merck pharmaceutical. She grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado and is happy to bring her skills to horse owners in Colorado and beyond.