About Peggy Gurnett

Beautiful basics lead to exuberant refinement with horses


I wasn’t born on a saddle blanket, but I’ve put my time and resources into becoming a very good horsewoman. What sets me apart as your coach is my extensive teaching and work experience: I directed 23-day wilderness courses for the Colorado Outward Bound School for 10+ years.

I was a professional ski patroller at Snowmass/Aspen from 1978 until 1985, one of the few women who held that position at the time.
I was the physical therapist for the US Ski Team and traveled all over the snowy parts of the world on the World Cup competition circuit with them. I practiced as a licensed physical therapist for 25 years and owned two clinics which I sold when horses took over my life.

I have guided and facilitated diverse groups of all types: United Nations delegates, members of the New York Stock Exchange, physician groups, and US congressmen and senators have all participated in sessions with me. This includes time spent with horses along with time engaged in other physically active pursuits.

I believe that the highest levels of horsemanship are nothing more than very good basic horsemanship from the ground up. I’m interested in the relationship between horse and human. Without unity there, the rest of it isn’t real. We can force the horse to do many things, but if the horse doesn’t find heart and desire in being with the human, the results will always fall short of excellence.

I lived on site in Pagosa Springs with Pat and Linda Parelli from 1997 until 2000. I was part of the very first Savvy Day held in Australia in 1997, and I was an instructor teaching Pat’s system. I left the Parelli organization in 2003, and I’ve studied with Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Lee Smith, David Stuart, and many other fine horsemen along the way. I’ve spent time on an Australian cattle station. In 2015 I spent 6 months on the Chico Basin Ranch south of Colorado Springs, starting colts and developing young horses. The August 2015 Western Horseman magazine mentioned my comments in a feature article about the ranch.

I want to help horse folks make informed decisions about their equine pursuits. I am available for lessons and clinics all over Colorado and the United States.


Let’s make sure they are a joy for you as well.

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