Buy the Best Gear from the Horse Education Company!  I’m now an official dealer for this Florida based company.  I’ll be featuring some of their products here.  These are the best products on the market today, designed for lightness and natural horsemanship along with sport and performance. Check them out at  Contact me at, or 801-865-7196, to order products to help you get on even better with your equine friend.
Here’s a peek at the classic nylon halter:

I was first given one of these to try a couple of years ago.  It took me a little while to overcome my “purist” natural horsemanship sensibilities and I didn’t convert right away.  What changed my mind was my Thoroughbred mare Skigh.  I noticed that she was having trouble picking up a left lead on line.  Her head was being torqued a bit from the rope halter fiador knot under her jaw.  This doesn’t happen with the hybrid halter, and now she can stay balanced while picking up the lead.  I’m convinced!  I’ve changed over all my halters.

Many of you use training sticks, which work so much more effectively than vague, non-communicative lion tamer whips (more politely called longe whips, or lunge whips, which often seem to be used to have horses thunder around in mindless circles) .  This stick is %40 lighter than other training sticks, with a longer, lighter string.  Once you try it, there’s no going back.

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