Right now, the Horse Education Company is offering the economy Hybrid Halter at only $25.  If you’ve wanted to try one of these superb halters without spending to buy the professional grade, here’s your chance.
If you use a rope halter, you know the advantages it has over a web halter.  If you use a web halter, it’s like having a bad internet connection–there’s a message there, but it’s dull and inconsistent.
I was a non-believer for awhile (being a natural horsemanship “purist”).  Now, I wouldn’t use anything else.  In fact, I like these halters so much, I became a dealer.  Please contact me at 801-865-7196, or at peggy@peggygurnetthorsemanship.com for information or to order.

Differences Between the Economy Style and Classic HYBRID Horse Halter:

  • Brass Plated Hardware (Classic has solid brass hardware throughout)
  • Undercarriage of halter is made of rolled webbing (Classic features yachting rope for additional training effect)
  • Four colors, three sizes (expanded selection of colors and styles in Classic version)
  • If you are looking for the dependability of solid brass, with maximum control, we recommend the Classic Style.
  • Price: The Classic style is $69.99, reflective of its professional grade construction and superior training result, thanks to its hardware and the resistance dynamics of the high quality yachting braid undercarriage. The economy version of the halter will outperform either a webbing or rope halter, the Classic version of the halter is akin to cruise control, overdrive and leather seats!
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