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One thing that I am definitely NOT is a “one-size-fits-all” horsemanship coach and trainer.  Whether your equine aspirations are performance or pleasure oriented, you and your horse are a completely unique pair, and so is the path you’ll take.  I can help you sculpt your plan in any way you choose.

Beautiful basics lead to
exuberant refinement with horses


Duration varies, $50 per hour

Need to buy a horse or lease a horse?  Need to make a plan for how to approach horsemanship if you are new to it, or you’re getting back to it?  Would you like someone to look at you and your horse and give you an honest evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses?  Want to know about your horse’s conformation, or learn the truth about how your saddle fits your horse?  It takes a village to own a horse.  You may need a shoer, or a farrier, a veterinarian, or an equine bodyworker.  I can help you shape your journey to suit your personal needs.


Duration:  6 hours, $150 per day per person

This is a one or two day experience for 5 or more people to do a deep dive into your personal horsemanship journey to excellence.  Any aspect of horsemanship can be the focus and you can set the agenda.  At the end, you’ll receive specific emailed notes from me on what was covered and some tips specific to you and your horse.  I limit all clinics to 8 people, unlike other clinicians who pack up to 20 people into a clinic involving almost no personal touch.


Duration:  2 hours, $75 per person

A group of 3 to 5 people learning collaboratively.  This is a super way to learn, using the power of positive peer pressure and encouragement, along with having my teaching on all things horsemanship.  You’ll get emailed notes from me at the end of the session specific to you and your horse.


Duration:  1 hour 15 minutes, $45 per person

A lesson for you and one other student, working on any aspect of horsemanship:  ground skills, riding skills, studying horse behavior.  This is a very effective way to learn because you can watch each other during the learning process.  You’ll get emailed notes from me following the lesson.


Duration:  1 hour 15 minutes, $60 per person

An hour and a quarter of instruction with you and your horse.  At the end we will review what we did, and make plans for what’s next gong forward.  You will get an email from me with notes on what we did so you can have a lesson review.

PRIVATE LESSON DISCOUNT:  You can buy a package of four lessons for $225.  These lessons need to be used up with 6 weeks of payment.


Duration: 1 hour, $45 per hour

I’ll take your horse for an hour and help shape the skills and confidence your horse may need to work with you as a better partner.  You’ll get notes at the end of each session.

  • Spent last weekend at a Linda Parelli event. She was happy to learn that I had such a competent smart teacher like Peggy Gurnett and sends her warmest wishes for your continued success.

    Marty Smith West Bountiful, Utah 2017
  • Wonderful woman, talented, the very best, with integrity.

    Melody Laakso Hamilton, MT 2017
  • Peggy has opened up a whole new world of horsemanship techniques that positively impact both the relationship with my horse and my riding skills. I continually say, “I couldn’t have done it without you!

    Jane Larson Boulder, CO, 2017
  • Peggy has great passion and energy for her work!

    Joanne Woodall Heinz Issaquah, WA, 2017
  • If anyone is looking for a great (fun, wise, intuitive) horse trainer, Peggy Gurnett is it!!

    Rhea Dodd, DVM Boulder, CO 2016
  • In the years since you left Montana, I haven’t found anyone who can teach horsemanship like you do. You have such a gift!

    Syd Grosfield Bozeman, MT, 2013
  • Both my husband and I had been injured by our homegrown Appaloosa mare. She would charge at us with her teeth bared!  In two hours, Peggy helped my 15-year-old daughter safely work with my horse in our round pen.  Her methods were clear and easy to follow.  Bravo Peggy!

    Helen Marston, Larkspur, CO
  • Peggy is a fountain of knowledge, very talented, honest, and encouraging.

    Silvia Giron Viesca, Boulder CO
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