I went for a lovely long ride on Skigh today.  Warm!  This is a photo of one of my new Monel stirrups.  I have wanted a pair of these forever, and now I know why.  My feet were falling asleep in my trusty old leather stirrups, and sometimes they felt a bit tight around my feet if things were getting dicey and I was considering bailing.  Today, my feet felt great after two hours, and I can so easily slip my feet out of them

Riding Skigh is sometimes like going to a laser show with a kid on a sugar high:  Every little piece of reality is something to look at, to spook at, and for sure, to speed up for.  A truck unloading a bed full of gravel, a blowing tumbleweed–and other stuff she has seen before in exactly the same setting.  So, I made a conscious effort today not to buy into these energy surges, and instead, I got heavier and more relaxed in my seat every time she got distracted.  You can see it was breezy, all the more reason to worry!

My plan was just to walk for 40 minutes, without breaking into a trot or canter, and see if she would relax.  It worked.  It was the conscious adding to my relaxation that did the trick.  Our energy melded and ended on a really nice feeling.


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