When you pay for a lesson or training, you aren’t buying an hour of my time. You’re paying for thousands of hours of sweat, struggle, success and tears. You’re buying my years of working with elite athletes and knowing how to bring the best out in you.  You’re buying injuries, mistakes, and revelations. You’re buying nights awake thinking about a horse or student I need to help more. You’re buying my years of experience when I  carefully check your horse over like it was my own. You’re paying for my further education, because I still take lessons as frequently as possible. You’re paying for my care and concern, and you inevitably become a central part of my life.  When I tell you I think you can do something, I make a judgment that you can trust.
Would you rather spend your valuable time and money on vet bills?  On hospital bills after a wreck?  I’m the best investment you can make in bulding your joy and success with horses.  You can’t put a price on education, or personal development, or the bliss of finally being “with” a horse. 

That’s what you’re paying for.


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