Last Saturday I did a demonstration with a horse I’d never met.  It was supposed to be a round pen session, but the round pen was rained out–so it ended up being a liberty session in the small indoor arena.

I worked with a lovely little mustang mare named Sombra, who was skeptical of the crowd and quite lively when she came into the arena with me.  To be honest I don’t remember much of what I actually said . . . what I do remember is keying into Sombra’s energy and doing a lot of long distance approach and retreat.  She was finally happy to be haltered, and towards the end, I turned her loose to move at liberty.  She chose to stay with me and follow me because I went slowly enough for her to become able to find safety with me.

The day drew a large crowd and was a wonderful success.  Wildsong Ranch is an inviting, inclusive, naturally focused place.  Bravo!!






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