Some years back, I did a lot of videography for the Parellis before they became a large corporate operation.  If you own the original Levels Packs, you’ve looked at much of the video work I did for them.

As you can see here, I’m totally vulnerable if something were to spook my horse.  I’m looking intently through the camera lens and I’m not touching the reins.  My horse Spuddie is charged with taking care of me.

This is something that most cowboys’ horses do well, and most recreational riders’ horses do not.  Join me at Wildsong Ranch on September 28th for Safety 101, and we’ll get your mutual trust to a new and safer level!

Go to www.wildsongranch/events to sign up.  This course will be limited to 8 riders, so join me for some very personal instruction.  I promise to make you laugh and keep you and your horse safe!

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